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  • Hurricane – Resident Procedures

    In addition to tuning in to local broadcasts for weather updates please refer to this web site for items specific to our neighborhood and properties in connection with Hurricane Matthew.

    Most of our region and most of our rentals are located below sea level. Our neighborhood, Willoughby, was created by a hurricane. These storms cause damage three different ways, high winds, heavy rain, and tidal flooding. Our area, especially Willoughby, floods.

    Our crews secure properties to minimize damage from hurricanes, tropical depressions and strong nor’easters. We are also prepared make repairs after the storm passes. Please assist us by removing any patio furniture or things that can be picked up by heavy winds and be used as projectiles. Do not put tape on windows. Please shut laundry room doors. Although we urge our residents not to stay in the area if flooding is called for we do understand that some residents might have to stay. For those of you that will be staying move your vehicles to higher ground.

    We cannot make repairs during the storm and cannot access properties until flood waters recede. Please feel free to e-mail me at to report damages to your home so that we can be aware of such items when we return to make storm related repairs.

    We urged you to leave your home If city officials or emergency officials recommend or order evacuation. Our area floods. If you remain in spite of orders or recommendations to evacuate emergency services will probably be unable to reach you. Also expect that your home will be without utilities and that the properties could be severely damaged. Please stay tuned to local news for any word on evacuation and storm status.

    To prevent fire to the buildings, we will turn off electricity to every apartment and building regardless of if residents decide to remain if flooding is called for. The only power that will remain active is for sump pumps. These items assist with evacuating flood waters. Brackish water from floods seep into electric panel boxes and outdoor condensing units. This causes fires if power is not turned off. The temporary disconnection of electric service is permitted in case of emergency. Insurance requires that we safeguard our properties and turning off electricity during a flood safeguards the property and your things as well.

    Please note that if power is turned on by any resident, any damage to our property or equipment that is the result of not following these instruction will be the financial responsibility of the resident that did not follow these instructions.

    In order to avoid fire and damage to mechanical equipment electric service cannot be safely turned on until flood waters have receded and our crews have had the chance to clean all contacts and make needed repairs.

    A list of any damaged properties and damaged units for each property will be identified herein along with expected delivery dates of the properties and rental units.

    We have worked through a number of hurricanes and nor’easters over the years. We are equipped, staffed and experienced to handle almost anything these storms throw our way. Finally, once repairs start please do not call the office to ask when you can return to your home. We will all be working so that you can return home. Delivery of the property and your apartment will be posted on this web site

    Be Safe and Respectfully Yours
    John Hadjikakos

    Keep checking for any upcoming special weather warnings.