About Us
About us

We are a Virginia-based corporation and have been in business since 1983. The company is a duly licensed real estate broker and has all required licensing to operate its business. We are actively involved (either through Boardwalk Realty & Development or through affiliated companies) in commercial real estate appraisal, commercial/multi-family property development, hotel acquisitions/management, commercial real estate brokerage, consultation, negotiations, construction, and commercial/multi-family property management.

Whatever your needs might be when it comes to real estate, we have the skills, experience, track record, and ability to successfully meet your needs.

Since the mid 1980’s, the principal of Boardwalk Realty & Development and affiliated companies have been actively involved with hostelries, food and beverage operations, residential/commercial construction, multi-family housing projects, expert witness (appraisal, brokerage, construction), and commercial real estate appraisal.

Since the mid-1990’s the primary focus has been the purchase, renovation, and management of apartment communities in the Ocean View/Willoughby area of Norfolk as well as the Virginia Beach Resort Area.

Over the years, we have handled hundreds of rentals on-or-near our local beaches.

As an apartment management company, we are concerned with the quality of money that tenants pay, their credit worthiness, maintaining our properties in the best condition possible, providing excellent service, and giving our residents the best possible value for their money. Many landlords instruct the management companies they hire to rent apartments to anyone provided that they have enough cash on-hand to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit. Many landlords instruct their management companies to patch the same old problems year-after-year.

We are different!! Boardwalk Realty & Development does not solicit or generally accept leasing/management business from the general public. Through affiliated companies, the principal of Boardwalk Realty & Development is also a principal in all of the rental communities managed by Boardwalk Realty & Development.

The owner of the management company actually has a financial stake and ownership interest in all of the properties managed. Typically, we have no interest in managing properties where our principal is not involved as an owner because if we do not own the property, we cannot control product quality.

By only managing apartment properties owned by the principal of Boardwalk Realty & Development, we do not have to rent vacant apartments to the first prospect that has a couple of “bucks” in his pocket. We do not have to keep repairing WORN-OUT items that need replacing.

We do not have to keep making excuses to residents for problems that are not addressed. The owners of the properties we manage have pride of ownership. At our properties, prospective tenants are screened for credit worthiness, adequate income, manageable household expenses, and past rental history. We do not tolerate parties, excessive noise, domestic problems, chronic late payments, ill-behaved pets, criminal history or criminal activity whatsoever! In order to assure that our tenants have adequate on-site parking, all of our parking lots are decal controlled.

At our communities we view maintenance as an investment. We do not hesitate when confronted with replacing broken items. Besides weekly visits by landscaping crews we also have housekeepers visit the properties weekly to clean common areas.

We personally visit each of our properties almost daily. We make ourselves accessible to our residents. We can be reached by personal visit, telephone, and e-mail.

Because of our size and the principle’s hands-on approach, we are able to adapt and respond quickly to the needs of our tenants and the marketplace. Quite simply, we are better able to offer you personalized service. When you call us, you are just as likely to reach the company president as you are to reach the receptionist.

With regards to maintenance, how many apartment owners/management companies can claim to have little turn-over with its maintenance staff and in-house construction personnel for almost 20-years? How many management companies can actually say that they have fully restored each and every property within 2-to-3 days after a hurricane, floods, snow storms, and high winds? We can and we have been doing this for almost 30-years!

Not only that but our core maintenance techs and owner actually assisted to a very great extent in the renovation or construction of nearly every one of our properties, unit-by-unit. They have not only renovated your respective apartment or constructed it but have also maintained it over the years. We are thoroughly familiar with your apartment and the apartment community where you live.

Although our residents have diverse backgrounds, we have found that most are either active military personnel or college students. As such, we have tailored some of our procedures to specifically meet the special needs of these residents. For instance, we are equipped to immediately rent apartments to prospects even while they are sitting in class in another state.

If the prospect is in the military and deployed aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf. Should they like, we are able to establish rental allotments and activate all utilities for them before they arrive.

Payment of monies, credit reports, and applications can be done on-line through our secure web site. Oftentimes the only thing a new resident needs to do when they arrive in town is come to the office and sign the lease. There is nothing else to do except pick-up keys and move furniture because we have done everything else.

The principal of Boardwalk Realty & Development has a special affinity for beachfront neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, if there is not a beach within several blocks of a property, we are not interested in the property. We often tell people that “we like the feel of sand between our toes.” We also enjoy the informal environment fostered by a beach community.

From mid-April through early November, it is unlikely that you will ever find us attired with a coat, tie, long pants, or even socks. It is not unusual to find us fishing, or sailing, or surfing, or enjoying the outdoors in other ways during non-working hours.

As a result of our business decisions our properties are resort-oriented properties. They are older properties that have been completely renovated and modernized in recent years. Our properties are smaller communities (ranging from 3 to about 50-units per apartment community) when compared to many of the cavernous and homogenous apartment projects found in our metropolitan area. Our properties are clean, quiet, well-managed, well-maintained, and renovated.

The properties are either on-or-close to the beach. Military bases, Interstate 64, universities and downtowns (Norfolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach) are nearby. When it comes to washing machines, dryers, dishwashing machines within the apartments; sorry, a few of our properties do not feature these “fancy-smanchy” items. After all, there are tradeoffs for living on/near the beach.

As a result of our solid and professional management practices, Boardwalk Realty & Development, its principal, and/or the various property-owning entities, enjoy a good reputation with the City of Norfolk, bankers, and housing agencies such as Norfolk Housing Redevelopment Authority and Virginia Housing Development Authority.

Our renting so many apartments to new tenants, sight unseen (except for our web site) is a testament to our management practices and our philosophy.

How many company presidents make themselves available to their customers? I do and I am happy to hear from you.

My personal telephone number is (757) 422-8808. Feel free to call me

John Hadjikakos, President

Boardwalk Realty & Development

If you have any questions please contact Boardwalk Realty at brdwlkrlty@aol.com

Boardwalk Realty & Development and affiliated companies are Equal Opportunity Providers of Housing and fully comply with Federal Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color religion, elderliness, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. We also comply with all state and local fair housing laws. Additionally, Boardwalk Realty & Development and affiliated companies are Equal Opportunity Employers. Why we strongly support fair housing laws and equal opportunity because of OUR very own immigrant story and experiences. Please click onto this link to see our reasons. Please click onto this link to see our reasons for such support and Our Very Own Immigrant Story.
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